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Learn all necessary steps required to pass the verification process and start investing in EstateGuru. A easy step-by-step guide to help you succeed and earn.

If you decided to start investing your savings in EstateGuru, you should know that it is easy and quick setting up your account, however, as always, it is better that you are aware of some specific details before you start. This post aims to help you understand all necessary steps required for you to pass the verification process and understand the reasons why EstateGuru requires your personal information in order to allow you to invest in the platform.

EstateGuru: Age and Nationality Requirements

You must be over 18 years old and you must be a permanent resident of a contracting member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland whose active legal capacity is not restricted, and own a bank account within the same area to invest in EstateGuru. If you use Transferwise, Revolut or N26 Bank, they are perfect options for global investors to manage their funds transfers.

EstateGuru: Registration Process

To start your registration, you’ll need a working email account. You can also speed up the registration process by linking EstateGuru to either your Facebook or Google accounts. As soon as you’ve registered and clicked the link in the activation email, you will be able to log in, but there are still a few steps to complete.

EstateGuru Registration @ Savings4Freedom
Registration process on Estateguru

Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be asked to introduce your personal information and enable 2-step authentication. This requires a working phone number and is a measure put in place to boost the security of your account. You will be sent a six-digit code that you need to enter. The same applies even if you do not activate 2-step authentication.

EstateGuru Registration 2 @ Savings4Freedom
2-step authentication activation for additional security

EstateGuru: Identity Verification

Any legit P2P platform will require you to follow a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. EstateGuru is no different. KYC rules require that EstateGuru verifies the identity of their clients either before or during the time that they start doing business with them. This is a mandatory step to start investing.

The objective of such control is to protect both the platform, investors and investments made on EstateGuru. One of the positive aspects of this process in EstateGuru is that they use a third-party service called Veriff, that offers a very simple and straightforward way to meet KYC requirements through real-time, ID, video, and document analysis. In case you prefer the manual information process by the EstateGuru team, such option is also available. But Veriff is indefinably a quicker, easier, and more reliable option.

Once you log into your newly created account, a screen will appear, initiating the verification process.

EstateGuru Registration 3 @ Savings4Freedom
Estateguru Know Your Customer process

Necessary steps:

  • Choose if you want to use your passport, ID card, or driver’s license;
  • Take a photo of your identity verification document choice;
  • Take a portrait photo of yourself.

Make sure all photos are clear and all information is readable. Once you’ve completed the process, a screen will appear confirming that you have verified your account. If you’ve chosen to use Veriff, your account will be ready. If you chose to do the process manually, an EstateGuru employee will need to review. Once confirmed, you will get an e-mail saying that the process is complete.

EstateGuru: Adding Funds to your Account

If you successfully verified your account, congrats! You can now start investing in EstateGuru, but to do so, you’ll need to deposit funds. You will need to connect your personal EU bank account to your EstateGuru profile. This step increases the security and allows you to easily and quickly deposit and withdraw funds from the platform.

EstateGuru accepts deposit amounts from €0.10 to €10,000. But take note that investments in EstateGuru loans begin at €50. The bank registration process is done when you successfully complete your first deposit. Once the bank is registered, it becomes possible to employ several other ways to add more money to your account. EstateGuru don’t charges any fees for deposits or withdrawals, but make sure your bank also allows you to perform this activities at no cost.

Remember to keep a copy of the deposit in .pdf format for your personal records.

EstateGuru Registration 4 @ Savings4Freedom
Adding Funds to estateguru

Depending on the method you chose to deposit funds, your money should be in your account anywhere from immediately to three days later at most. Remember that SEPA deposits are not processed on weekends.

Now you are ready to start investing!

Your EstateGuru account is now ready. Now you can start exploring the many projects available on the platform and research the best options to invest your funds!

Sign-Up Bonus

Earn 0.5% on all investments over the first 3 months in cashback

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