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In April 2020, investors funded €4,1M worth of loans. With borders reopening and governments easing restrictions, a positive impact in the industry is expected.

In a time of crisis, EstateGuru follows a positive trend of promoting transparency in their communications with investors. The ongoing Seedrs equity campaign is among the reason for such effective steps to keep investors informed and this should be example for many other P2P platforms.

Volume of Financed Loans

During April 2020, EstateGuru investors financed €4,1M worth of loans.

EstateGuru Repayments 042020 @ Savings4Freedom
Source: EstateGuru Blog

During the month, EstateGuru borrowers paid back €3,1M worth of loan principals and the rate of loans repaid (fully repaid) in April 2020 was 10,8%. The track record of EstateGuru remains impressive with a total amount of €15M in investors earning since 2014.

EstateGuru Repayments B 042020 @ Savings4Freedom
Source: EstateGuru Blog

Volume of Defaulted Loans

The amount of defaulted loans remained around €5,6M, a value similar to prior months. EstateGuru was able to recover 3 defaulted loans but 2 more loans started the default procedures. The platform objective is to keep the default rate below 10% and a steady recovery process of the defaulted loans.

EstateGuru Track Record

EstateGuru Track Record @ Savings4Freedom
Source: EstateGuru Blog

COVID-19 Impact Perspectives

Borders have been opened in the Baltic countries and governments have eased restrictions, with a positive impact in the industry. If the virus is contained, EstateGuru expects a quick recovery in the fall, with a positive effect on sales volumes, repayments and recoveries. During the first weeks of May the number of loan prolongation applications was lower, and this can be interpreted as a sign of stabilization of the real estate market.

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