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With reopening, there will be opportunities for Flender lenders to support Irish SMEs, help restart the economy, and earn loan returns at the same time.
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In June 2020, Ireland enters phase 2 of the economy reopening plan. This will trigger businesses across Ireland to rolling up their shutters and welcoming customers back. All retail is reopening, people can travel further from their homes and larger gatherings can now take place.

During the Covid-19 lockdown and phase 1 reopening, Flender has provided finance to a wide range of construction businesses. These businesses include home builders, stonemasons, steel erectors and office fitters. Investments from investors just like you have provided the essential cash flow and capitalization that has enabled these companies to get back to work.

As restrictions ease, Flender will continue to assess creditworthy Irish businesses and list them on the Marketplace. So do check in and evaluate if you want to invest in these new opportunities.

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Are ready to support the Irish economy?

With reopening, there will be many more opportunities for Flender lenders to support Irish SMEs, help restart the economy, and earn returns at the same time.

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