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Lotus 597, own by Gielen Group that also owns Atlantis Financiers (a loan originator), has purchased 100% of Viventor. What this means for the platform future?

Viventor just announced that SIA Viventor was acquired in its entirety by Lotus 597 B. V., a Dutch investment holding, related to owners of Atlantis Financiers from the Prestamos Prima Group, which had been invested in by international investor Oleg Boyko in 2016.

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Lotus 597 belongs to the Gielen Group from the Netherlands and is responsible for investing in promising FinTech start-ups and scale-ups. Among other ventures, the Gielen Group already owns the lending platform Atlantis Financiers, the credit scoring platform Paylex and the mortgage backed lending platform, Capilex.

Atlantis Financiers, founded in 2013, is one of the loan originators that works more closely with Viventor, providing business loans from Belgium and Dutch companies to Viventor investors since 2017. This should be among the reasons for the acquisition.

This acquisition is in line with the efforts done by multiple loan originators to develop/acquired their own P2P platforms in order to access crowdlending investors directly.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed, but across P2P lending groups the change of ownership of Viventor are welcomed news.

Viventor: Status Update

Viventor was established in 2015. During this five years of operation, Viventor has refinanced over €130 million worth of loans, with a average return to investors of 12%. Viventor now has more than 7,500 registered investors with 70% of the invested funds coming from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Benelux countries. As a result of the significant growth of the platform, revenue more than tripled in 2019, allowing Viventor to increase its capital from €2,800 to €1,530,000. Loans funded on the platform during the last year totaled over €53.5 million. Out of these loans, more than 71% were consumer loans, 18% invoice financing and around 8% business loans.

A very important update shared in the press release is associated with the regulatory compliance process Viventor started more than 1 year ago.

“We are also convinced that this will not go unnoticed by the Latvian Regulator and Viventor will soon be one of the first fully licensed P2P platforms in Europe.”

Sabrina Nathoe, CEO of Lotus 597
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What do you think of this acquisition?

Share in the comments section your view on this acquisition. What are your expectations for the future of the platform? Will you continue to invest or reduce your exposure? It will be very interesting to learn what the future will bring for Viventor.

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