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On July 6th EstateGuru implements minor changes to User Terms with no impact on service. They also shared the 2019 Annual Report. Learn all about it here.

EstateGuru announced that that from July 6th 2020 they will implement minor amendments to their User Terms. They also shared the 2019 Annual Report. Learn how this information impacts you.

Minor Changes due to Lemonway Integration

Due to the integrating of the Lemonway payment solution into EstateGuru system, minor changes have been made to EstateGuru user terms in order to fully implement EstateGuru’s Lithuanian license regarding it’s Lithuanian activities. They needed to add a few necessary references to their Lithuanian subsidiary and other Lithuanian specific notes to the terms. The minor changes do not materially affect the rights and obligations of users and the principles of how the portal is operated and transactions are performed. These amended user terms will enter into force on 06.07.2020.

Please click the link below to download the EstateGuru updated User Terms.

Read the EstateGuru Annual Report

EstateGuru published their 2019 annual report. This is a great approach towards a transparent communication of financial data to attract and retain investors, building their confidence and informing the market.

The highlights of the report are that is easy to read, presents useful information, even if the company presents losses. A normal financial status for a growing company, that was already known during the fundraising period on Seedrs.

Annual Report Highlights


EstateGuru managed to grow 52% on the previous year by funding a total of €80.5m worth of property-backed loans. Looking as far back as 2015, when EstateGuru had only €4.5m worth of loans issued, this is a 1685% increase.

Risk & Defaulted Loans Recovery

The volume of recovered loans increase significantly compared to the previous years. In total €2,96M worth of defaulted loans were recovered in 2019 by EstateGuru.

Growing Number of Investors

The number of EstateGuru’s investors increased from 17,670 at the end of 2018 to 38,000 at the end of 2019, up by 114% (2,1x).

Operational Expansion

At the end of 2019, EstateGuru swelled from 25 to 43 people, had local teams in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Portugal, Germany and Spain.

Financial Results

In spite of the significant growth, with EstateGuru’s revenues in 2019 reaching more than €2M, the company presents a loss of €534K. The report is very complete regarding all the reasons for this results.


EstateGuru shows, like Crowdestate how simple can be to write a clear annual report. I cannot highlight enough the importance of such an action towards building the necessary trust that the P2P industry needs to grow. It is crucial that other platforms follow this example and share information with investors to help them decide based on better information.

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