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If you want to assess Bondster in the fastest way possible, this is your start. A quick reading to know if you should spend time considering it to invest.
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Bondster is a Czech online consumer, business and real estate P2P lending marketplace, that offers investments in loans from multiple loan originators from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Russia, and South Africa. Founded in 2017, Bondster s.r.o is owned by CEP Invest Private Equity SE, being Václav Valeš the beneficial owner. Until recently, Michal Ondrýsek the CEO of a related company CEP Investments s.r.o., was also a relevant stakeholder, but the company is led by Jana Mückova since September 2019.

Bondster offers a direct investment proposal to investors in both Euro and Czech koruna (CZK). This means that you lend your money directly to borrowers and gain rights over payments against the borrower directly. Even if you lend your investments through the platform loan originators, the established claim is direct between you as a lender and the end borrower. In comparison, a typical P2P marketplace offers a indirect investment structure, which means that you are placing your savings indirectly in the loan without owning the direct claim for the specific borrower. You basically lend your money to the loan originator.

On Bondster you don’t have a secondary market, but in some cases you can sell back your loans to loan originators. You can find dedicated pages that offer visibility and information about all loan originators, allowing you to assess their risk directly. In case you decide to invest, take into consideration that some of the loans in the marketplace have a minimum term and price for exit.

The analysis of investment opportunities on Bondster should be done loan by loan. Not all loans available are protected by collateral. For the ones secured, the collateral might be real estate, property assets, or vehicles. But since you have a direct investment structure, you need to learn how you can guarantee the value of the collateral if the debtor becomes unable to pay. Bondster provides a buyback guarantee that covers both principal and interests for some of the loans, however, you should not consider this on your analysis based on the most recent Bondster Financial Report available. Again, the risk profile of the loans can vary considerably and it is, as always, recommend to perform a careful due diligence and selection before investing. Bondster is not a P2P platform that should be used without a clear understanding of how the marketplace works.

Bondster Assets @ Savings4Freedom

Bondster Quick Review

Type of Loans Available

Consumer, Business and Real Estate

Average Interest Rate

4% – 13%

Buyback / Secured Loans

Yes. Supported by platform (take this with a grain of salt)

Early Exit / Secondary Market

Yes, with a fee

Auto Invest Feature


Control over Loans Invested

Yes, you choose

Money Drag


Hidden Fees

No for EUR investments, 1% fee for investments in CZK
Fee for early withdrawals

Loan Duration

1 month to 1 year

Reporting Tools

Medium Quality

User Experience

Medium Quality

Sign-Up Bonus

In case you employ my referral link to invest in Bondster and invest 1000€ or more within the first 30 days from registration you will receive a bonus of 10€.

What to learn more about Bondster?

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