Does IUVO GOLD Club jeopardizes small investors returns?

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By impacting normal investment market conditions by offering special treatment to Gold Club members, IUVO Group jeopardizes small investor returns. A smart move?

Many P2P platforms offer special benefits to big investors. Most of them choose to add value on top of existing investment conditions, but IUVO Group created investment benefits that actually affect the market value proposition for all other investors… are small investors returns jeopardized by this?

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IUVO GOLD Club: A Good Idea?

Every investor with over €25.000 in deposits on IUVO Group is part of the golden club. Launched in February 2019, the initial aim was to provide special care and value to investors with more funds applied in IUVO. Until recently the program was entirely focused on better customer service to these investors, but now the platform decided to add new offers to increase the interest of investors to join. What are the impacts for small investors?

8 Benefits With No Impact on Small Investors

1 – Selling loans on Secondary Market with no Fees (regular fee of 1% applies);

2 – Auto Invest portfolios will invest in 20 loans instead of 10. Standard portfolios have a loan cycle of 10 loans. The number of loans that can be part of your portfolio as a member of IUVO GOLD club is double;

3 – You can get a higher “Refer-a-Friend” bonus;

4 – Your deposit will be on your IUVO account within 30 minutes after they receive it;

5 – Your withdrawal requests will be processed within an hour after they have been made;

6 – You will be receiving invites for events, which iuvo is part of;

7 – You will be receiving the most important information about new loan listings, adding new originators, and promotions in advance;

8 – You will have access to an account manager to assist you with your portfolio management.

Good value proposition to join, right? No direct impact to small investors. Nice! But then you see new offers with significant impact.

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2 Benefits With Impact on Small Investors

1 – Your Auto Invest activates with Priority

Your Auto Invest portfolios will invest before the ones of other investors. The most desired loans, that match your criteria, will be part of your strategy.

2 – The loans you sell on the Secondary market will visualize with priority

If you decide to sell some of your loans on secondary market, they will be the first ones that investors will see. This privilege brings to your loans higher visibility, increasing the possibility for them to sell faster.


IUVO wants to have more investors joining the GOLD club. But this decision will impact the results of small investors. It should be clear to everyone that investment conditions have changed and create a movement to put pressure on IUVO to avoid manipulation of the auto-invest feature and secondary markets in favor of large investors.

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What do you think of IUVO Group?

I’m feeling that IUVO Group is manipulating market conditions towards big investors jeopardizing small investors performance. Because of that I will reduce my exposure over time, but for those looking for a growing platform, it’s definitely among the stable options available. What is your personal opinion on the future of the platform? Will you decide to invest or avoid it? Why? It will be very interesting to learn your opinion on this topic.

Sign-Up Bonus

In case you employ my referral link to invest in IUVO Group you get a 30€ in cash bonus after your first €1000 investment. If you deposit and invest an additional €1500 (in a total of €2500 or more), you receive an additional 60€ in cashback

What to learn more about IUVO Group?

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