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July 2020 PeerBerry performance in numbers is a reflection of the summer vacation mood. The market is stabilizing to the pos-COVID reality. A PeerBerry update.

PeerBerry is among the few P2P platforms in my radar that kept a seamless performance during the COVID-19 crisis period. Almost immediately after the emergency, loan interest drooped in a significant manner. The July 2020 numbers explain this. A PeerBerry update.

Main PeerBerry Financial Figures for July 2020

  • Total loan volume since inception: 291 366 048 EUR (+4,5% growth)
  • Loan volume under management in July: 12.455.678 EUR (-7% vs June)
  • Volume of loans originated in July: 82 956 EUR (+6,7% growth vs June)
  • Interest earned by investors since inception: 3 052 163 EUR (+6% growth)
  • Average annual investment return at the end of July: 10.30% (+0.29 pp vs end of June)
  • Average nominal interest rate of loans originated in July: 10% (-0.50 pp vs June)
  • Number of investors at the end of July: 24 737 (+1004 new investors vs June)
  • The share of overdue loans at the end of July: 10%

The amount of loans funded on the PeerBerry platform in July was 7% lower when compared with June, but the volume of loans was 6,7% higher than in June. This shows that PeerBerry loan originators issue more loans but in smaller amounts in order to minimize risks.

S4F PeerBerry Loan Volume July 2020 @ SavingsForFreedom
Amount of Loans Funded by PeerBeRry until August 1st 2020

Stable Presence of Crucial Partners

Even being different companies, with separate stakeholders, PeerBeery is strictly linked with Aventus Group. Over the last few months, the Aventus Group CEO participated in multiple initiatives towards answering investors questions about the partnership between Aventus Group as loan originator and PeerBerry, as well as about the group guarantees that support the platform stability.

“Together with our business partners, we see that markets are becoming more active and in August we expect higher growth in new lending which will bring more opportunities to invest.  We also see that there is some uncertainty about the threat of a virus that has not been fully overcome, so risk management remains one of our highest priorities”.

Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry
N26 The Mobile Bank @ Savings4Freedom

Updates on the Platform available soon

PeerBerry will offer investors improvements on the manual investment option, which will allow investors to invest in several loans at the same time. At the same time, the auto invest feature and customer portfolio overview are being improved. Another relevant update is that PeerBerry is developing a mobile application, which they intend to present to investors this fall.

Licensing Process

PeerBerry is looking to obtain an Investment Brokerage Firm License from the Latvian regulator FCMC. The platform is currently actively cooperating with the regulator who reviews the platform’s documents, processes, policies, and everything else that needs to be responsibly assessed before granting a license. It is not yet known exactly when the regulation process of P2P platforms in Latvia will be completed.

What is your opinion on the subject?

Share in the comments section your view on this update. What were the reasons to keep investing or leave PeerBerry? How do you plan to proceed in the near future? What can PeerBerry do to increase your trust? It will be very interesting to learn what the future will bring for the platform.

Sign-Up Bonus

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PeerBerry’s Loyalty program:
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