Stoicism as a Philosophy of Life

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How can we cope with whatever the universe throws at us and keep thriving nonetheless? A Stoic Strategy for dealing with P2P Lending Risks…

What is the best life we can live? How can we cope with whatever the universe throws at us and keep thriving nonetheless? The ancient Greco-Roman philosophy of Stoicism explains that while we may not always have control over the events affecting us, we can have control over how we approach things…

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Introduction to Stoicism

Simply put, Stoicism was designed to help people live their best possible lives.

It’s a philosophy of life that maximizes positive emotions, reduces negative emotions and helps individuals to hone their virtues of character.

At any moment, in any situation, and at any stage of life, Stoicism provides a framework for living well. It reminds people of what is truly important, providing practical strategies to get more of what is valuable.

Stoicism was deliberately created to be understandable, actionable and useful. Practicing Stoicism doesn’t require learning an entirely new philosophical lexicon or meditating for hours a day. Instead, it offers an immediate, useful and practical way to find tranquility and improve one’s strengths of character.

History of Stoicism

Let’s start by learning a bit more about Stoicism.

A P2P Investor’s Guide To Stoicism

You don’t need Stoicism to be a P2P investor. Yet if you want to excel as a investor, you must embrace a form of this ancient philosophical practice.

Great investors abide by common Stoic ways of thinking. They have an innate ability to detach themselves from an investment idea. A knack for testing ideas through unbiased, unemotional eyes. A desire to focus on the process of their strategy instead of n=1 results.

A Stoic Strategy for deal with P2P Lending Risks

Stoics adhere to a healthy acknowledgement of their own mortality. Epictetus said, ““I cannot escape death, but at least I can escape the fear of it.” How true is that with P2P lending losses.

As investors we will experience losses. There’s no way around it. Whether your strategy offers a high slugging percentage or a low one. You will lose money. Applying Stoic thinking towards our losses helps us reckon with that inevitable result.

We can rephrase Epictetus’ quote another way, “I cannot escape P2P losses, but at least I can escape the fear of it.”

Exploring Stoicism

As Epictetus put it, if you expect the universe to deliver what you want, you are going to be disappointed, but if you embrace whatever the universe gives, then life will be a whole lot smoother. Again, this is easier said than done, but more and more people are taking note of this Stoic advice and working hard to incorporate it into their daily lives.

In the future I will share some insights on this subject with you.

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