New P2P Platforms in the European Market

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Do you want to be aware of all new offers among P2P Platforms for European investors? Find the most recent list of platforms that will be reviewed soon. Enjoy!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow all new players in the European P2P industry. Having a full time job plus multiple other responsibilities don’t make this task easier. In order to provide you with an overview of the new offers available, I try to collect as much information as possible in the quicker and more efficient manner I can think of. I welcome all constructive criticism on how to make this work better for you in the future.

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New P2P Players in the Market

I don’t know if I should praise or condemn entrepreneurs that decide to launch a P2P Platform among one of the most challenging economic moments in the XXI century. In any case, we have new P2P platforms available in the market that you should be aware of.


Raizers is a French leading real estate crowdfunding platform offering investments in real estate projects in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium to international investors.

Founded in 2014 by Grégoire Linder and Maxime Pallain, the platform is regulated by multiple European authorities, including the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the Belgian Financial Markets Authority (FSMA).

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GainWest is a Estonian P2B marketplace that offers business loans and real estate projects in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine for international investors.

Founded by Gia Tarieladze, not much information is available at the moment.

Kviku Finance

Kviku Finance is a Cyprus registered P2P marketplace with a business model similar to Robocash. Owned by the Kviku Group, a Russian fintech company specialized in short-term microcredits, offers investments in non-secured loans from Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Poland and the Philippines with a group guarantee for buyback after 30 days of default (both capital and interest owed).

Founded by Nikita Lomakin (CEO) and Veniamin Lipskiy (CFO), the company presented positive results of €168K for Q1 2020.

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Their current referral offer provides a 20€ in cash bonus when a minimum investment of 100€ is done.


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Qardus is a United Kingdom registered P2B marketplace that offers ethical & sharia-compliant business crowdfunding to UK SMEs by international investors.

Investors on Qardus receive profit rates rather than interest. This is because Islam prohibits the payment and receiving of interest. The platform is open to all qualified investors, as neither business owners nor investors have to be Muslim.

Founded by Hassan Daher on July 2020, it will be very interesting to learn more about this particular offer.

Twino Ventures

TWINO Ventures is a new investment offering by TWINO that provides investment opportunities in real estate project in the Baltic countries.

Founded and owned by Armands Broks, the company CEO is Anastasija Oleinika. They started operations of TWINO in 2009, but TWINO Ventures was launched in March 2020.

Their current referral offer provides a 15€ in cash bonus when a minimum investment of 100€ is done.

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LendSecured is a Latvian real estate crowdfunding platform where all investments are secured by a collateral.

Founded in June 2019 by Ņikita Gončars (CEO) and Edgars Tālums (co-founder), not much information is available at the moment.

The first 10 projects will offer a promotional increased % rate for LendSecured first investors, with rates up to 14% and low LTV. And current referral offer provides 0.5% cashback in all investments during the first 90 days.


AxiaFunder is a United Kingdom litigation funding platform which allows international investors to fund the legal costs of pre-vetted cases. In the case a lawsuit is successful the returns can go up to 30%, but in case the lawsuit is unsuccessful, you can risk more than you invested in the case.

Founded in 2016 by Cormac Leech (CEO) and Rabin Tambyraja (co-founder), the number of funded litigation cases still needs to growth to share a clear picture of the true risk/reward ratio of this interesting crowdfunding investment option.

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One business aspect is clear: independently of you as investor making money, AxiaFunder always makes money from any litigation that is supported through the platform.

Constant (also known as “MyConstant“)

S4F Constant MyConstant Logo @ SavingsForFreedom

Constant is a United States registered crypto-backed P2P platform that offers investments into loans secured by digital assets to international investors.

Founded in January 2019 by Duy Huynh, the company is headquarter in Riverside, California. However, the product development team is based in Vietnam.

Constant offers a range of badges that can be gained as a reward for using the platform, or promoting the platform to others. If you collect all the badges, you would have received a total of $500 in bonuses.


Aescuvest is a German equity crowdfunding platform focus in the healthcare sector, being supported by EIT Health. It offers the opportunity to invest in equity of biotech, med-tech, and digital health startups mainly from Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Founded in July 2014 by Patrick Pfeffer and Jörg Diehl, the platform offers a great way to diversify across a market segment that is very difficult to add in a typical small investor portfolio.

Other P2P Platforms to Consider

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Peer-to-Peer lending is not a passive investment. Take into consideration that some of the P2P platforms presented above are very recent and still need to prove their business model. Make sure to explore and take full advantage of initial sign-up bonus. Then identify the pros & cons of each one and share your conclusions with your network. Community is the only way P2P lending will work and any bad platforms are quickly identified. Remember that you should decide where to invest your money. Make sure you make an informed decision always.

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