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If you are looking to invest in Lendermarket (Creditstar loans) this is the moment to create your account and take full advantage of the new cashback campaign!

Creditstar is now offering a 2% bonus of all your new net deposits. This campaign is valid for a limited time – from today included until October 31, 2020.

COVID-19 has brought huge challenges and additional risks for all P2P investors and Loan Originators. With pressure on borrowers income and global economies contracting, it is impossible to plan ahead with full understanding of what will happen next. Liquidity is king now and P2P investors are shifting there investment strategies from deciding which P2P platform to invest in towards which Loan Originator to trust your savings…

Creditstar is among the most robust Loan Originators in the market right now. With a diversified source of funds (Lendermarket, Mintos, Bonds…) and a transparent calendar for financial stress in their balance sheet it is easier to decide to invest in Creditstar loans, when compared with other loan originators.

About Creditstar

Creditstar is a provider of consumer financial services, was established in 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia. Today it operates in Estonia and in seven other countries across Europe, including Finland, Sweden, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Spain and Denmark. The Group has offices in Tallinn, Warsaw, London, and Vilnius. The Company offers unsecured online and mobile consumer loans in the amount of EUR 50 to 5,000 for a period of 5 days to 36 months (or longer in case of credit line).

Creditstar Group’s annual income in 2019 was € 31,9 million, and profit was € 5,9 million. Total assets as of 31 March 2020 were €132 million. Creditstar is regulated and licensed by relevant supervising authorities in all its markets. 

Update September 18th 2020: Following the cashback campaign, Kristaps Mors published an article questioning the Creditstar auditor quality. Please take this information into consideration before investing.

Cashback Terms and Conditions

  • Participation in the Campaign grants any User a right to automatically receive a 2% bonus for Net Deposits made on Lendermarket.
  • The 2% Cashback is calculated for new Net Deposits of any amount during the Campaign period. Net Deposits mean the amount of deposits minus the amount of withdrawals within the Campaign period.
  • The User will receive the Cashback Bonus, if all conditions set in these Terms have been fulfilled, in a single installment within 7 (seven) working days from 31 October 2020.
  • The Cashback Campaign Bonus is limited to 5,000 EUR (in bonus value, meaning that you can invest up to €250K to achieve the €5000 cashback limit).
  • The present Cashback Campaign is compatible with other promotional campaigns.

You can read the full text of the campaign terms & conditions for yourself.

Even if promoting a buyback guarantee for all loans through Creditstar, investments in Lendermarket don’t have any collateral or mortgage guarantee, making the buyback guarantee as valid as the credit capacity of the Creditstar Group. It is also important to highlight the lack of visibility over the people that actually manage the platform, and the complexity of the company structure. Compared to other P2P platforms that offer similar services, Lendermarket needs to increase operational transparency.

Maximizing your Lendermarket Cashback

In case you still don’t have a Lendermarket account, this is the ideal moment to take full advantage of the cashback opportunity:

  • Blog Referral: You can earn 1% cashback in all your investments for the first 60 days using the referral link available in the blog (without deposit amount limit);
  • Cashback Campaign: Add the 2% cashback offer (up to €5000 in bonus value, meaning that you can invest up to €250K to achieve the €5000 cashback limit) available until the end of October 31st.

Scenario: if you create your account today and invest €10000, you will earn up to €300 from the commutative cashback offers. An interesting start to your Lendermarket investments.

Sign-Up Bonus

You can create a Lendermarket account through this link and earn 1% cashback in all your investments for the first 60 days

What to learn more about Lendermarket?

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