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I began actively searching for new ways to invest my savings in a secure manner and with high yields. Here I share my path, decisions, successes, and mistakes.

Who am I?

Carlos @ Savings4Freedom

I’m Carlos, a 34 years old entrepreneur with a PhD in Bioengineering Systems. I live in Portugal with my wife.

I always had the mental drive to save money, but never with financial independence in mind. Only at the beginning of 2018, I decided to structure my efforts towards freedom.

I began actively searching for new ways to invest my savings in a low-interest economy, that lead me to find and test more high risk investments. This blog tells you about my path, decisions, and mistakes.

The Example of My Father

I learn to save money with my Father. He was a hardworking and honorable Man, entirely committed to supporting his Family. I saw his effort to support my studies and his energy to provide me the opportunity to fly high without financial concerns. My Father is my hero.

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The road to Financial literacy

The Road to Financial Literacy

I face strong limitations regarding my financial freedom, however, I don’t have any doubt that I will be able to achieve this personal goal of becoming financially free. Anyone can reach financial independence. It’s all about the way you wish to live and the costs necessary to sustain such a living standard.

There are many different ways to achieve financial independence, but you always will need to follow these:

  1. Keep a simple lifestyle.
  2. Maximize your income streams.
  3. Save and invest wisely.

My Personal Objectives

My passive income objectives are aligned with the needs of my family and in the middle term on exploring the opportunity to be able to invest and create even more value as entrepreneur in the local ecosystem.

  • Objective 1: Achieve a 2.000€ per month (this is close to my current day job income);
  • Objective 2: Achieve a 5.000€ per month (at this level I will be financially free in a very comfortable way);
  • Objective 3: Achieve 10.000€ per month (goal).

Savings & Investment Strategy

Learn about my Savings & Investment Strategy

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