June 2019 Portfolio Update

June 2019 @ Savings4Freedom
Check the returns of my P2P lending investments in June 2019. Crowdlending keeps offering a positive fixed return on my applied savings with an average of 11%.

And now is the time for a monthly update!

After the amazing P2P Conference in Riga last month, I revisited my entire investment strategy towards financial freedom. One of the most relevant lessons was to balance correctly the effort and investments made into P2P crowdlending platforms on my overall investment portfolio.

Below I will show how that will reflect for the future.

Savings4Freedom in Portuguese

I’m also very excited to publish the blog in Portuguese! I’m looking forward to your comments and suggestions on how the contents can be improved and how I can share better information in the future.

Understanding P2P Crowdlending

Based on messages from people asking questions about P2P Crowdlending, I decided to create a dedicated page that will be continuously improved based on the best available industry information. The initial information source for it was a White Paper published by Grupeer in the fall of 2018.

P2P Lending Platforms Comparison

I really need to thank all the feedback received over the last month regarding the P2P Lending Platforms comparison. I read all your messages and decided to simplify the way the information is shared. I hope that now it could be easier for you to check the best P2P platforms to invest. Let me know what you think!

N26, Revolut and Transferwise

In order to simplify my investment strategy, I decided to create dedicated accounts to manage my P2P investments. Now I follow the 3 buckets account approach:

  • One bank account for my daily expenses: Revolut;
  • One for my savings and emergency funds: National Traditional Bank;
  • And I just opened an N26 account to manage my P2P Investments.

This approach, combined with the use of Transferwise when I need to exchange currencies is simplifying my life and increasing my visibility over all transactions.

But, without any further due, let’s see the numbers!

Portfolio Update June 2019

You can see real screenshots of my accounts and my review of the platforms checking my P2P platforms portfolio page.

I will over time consolidate my P2P lending investments portfolio into my Top 7 personal P2P platform choices.

1 – Kuetzal (~19% returns, enterprise & real estate, buyback guarantee);
2 – Envestio (~16% returns, enterprise loans, secured debt);
3 – FastInvest (~13% returns, consumer loans, buyback guarantee);
4 – Grupeer (~13% returns, multiple loans, buyback guarantee but no possibility to sell);
5 – Robocash (~13% returns, microloans, automated, buyback guarantee);
6 – Mintos (~12% returns, multiple loans, buyback guarantee);
7 – Viventor (~11% returns, multiple loans, buyback guarantee).

Monthly Income Statement: June 2019

PlatformINFOInvested (€)Month Return (€)Asset Profit (€)Asset Value (€)

P2P Lending Portfolio Performance

Since I first started investing in P2P lending, my returns from crowdlending totals €3.467,99 (€331,88 in interest during June 2019).


Kuetzal @ Savings4Freedom

I’m waiting for new projects to invest in Kuetzal. After my conversation last month with Alberts, I want to reinforce my investment into the platform, but currently, no new projects are available.

The increasing in returns last month correspond entirely to my additional investments in May.

I’m sure the reason for the quick closing of the available deals is the recent success of Kuetzal recruiting new investors into the platform. They currently have two campaigns for new investors:


Until July 31, new clients can benefit from an extra sign-up bonus. If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get a 0,5% cash back from all investments you make within the first 180 days. But when you register and add the promocode P2PCONFERENCE you will get a 15€ register bonus!


This is a special offer to get a bonus after each of your investments. It works independently of all other promotions on the platform. It is applied to all active projects. The campaign is available during this summer (1.06.2019-31.08.2019).

Check my Kuetzal account here.


Envestio @ Savings4Freedom

No investment opportunities were presented by the Envestio team during June. I’m curious to see the platform next steps after my conversation with the Envestio representatives at the P2P Conference last month. All outstanding loan interest was paid on time and I can trace the increase returns with my growing investment.

I will contact the Envestio team this month to check for additional information and updates.

Check my Envestio account here.


FastInvest @ Savings4Freedom

By increasing my investment into FastInvest over €1000, I saw the corresponding increase in interest payments on a monthly basis. This platform offers one of the best User Experiences in the P2P industry.

But I want to highlight one aspect of the FastInvest platform that sometimes escapes the less experienced investors:

The interest rate of your loan investments lifecycle decreases over time since FastInvest follows a partial capital + interest payment every month. What this means is that in order to keep your returns stable over time you need to reinvest every month the available balance of your account.

I’m still in need of testing the 3-day repurchase option available, that is a really interesting feature for liquidity purposes and also highlight that FastInvest offers one of the most interesting blogs within the industry.

Check my FastInvest account here.


Grupeer @ Savings4Freedom

My returns from Grupeer continue their steady growth and I consider it among the most reliable fixed interest returns assets I owned.

Grupeer recently shared information about the new features release topics timeline (Diversification, Transparency, Deposit & Withdraw, Investor Support, and Secondary Market).

Grupeer also shared an update regarding the progress from May to June 2019 and the numbers show that Grupeer is establishing the reputation as one of the Top European P2P Crowdlending Platforms: deal count increased by 20%, while the amount invested increased by 31% reaching more than €3.5 million in June.

Grupeer Cashback Summer Campaign

Grupeer currently offers a +1% immediate cashback campaign for selected loans. Check this deals using the new feature available on auto-invest and make sure you take full advantage of this summer offer!

Check my Grupeer account here.


Robocash @ Savings4Freedom

By the end of May, I increased my investments in Robocash to over €1000. I was expecting to see a small increase in monthly returns, but I need to wait. The reason to wait for the returns on my investment is due to the payment procedure followed by Robocash: capital and interest are paid at the end of the loan term.

A significant part 1/5 of my Robocash loans are currently overdue and I will keep a close eye on this metric before deciding to increase my investments further.

In any case, Robocash shared good progress in the June 2019 report… From 6500 investors to 6900; from €960K in financed loans to €1M; and from €800K in investors returns to €855K. Let’s wait and see!

Check my Robocash account here.


Mintos @ Savings4Freedom

Is not by chance that Mintos is the number 1 European P2P Crowdlending platform. They keep working to push the platform and offer more value to their increasing number of investors.

My Mintos portfolio returns are dropping since March for two main reasons (funds withdraw for cross P2P platform diversification and focus on loans with maturity up to 4 months).

Mintos Updates

Martins Sulte recently gave an interview to Techcrunch where he talks about the recent €5M Series A and the plans presented during the P2P Conference in Riga to launch a debit card.

Mintos also announced that in June they had for the first time more than 150K investors in the platform. A significant number showing the energy of the growth of P2P Crowdlending as an industry.

Also important is the update regarding loans originator ratings that reflect more confidence from Mintos in its partners. This is a topic that I really need to explore in the future to make sure the entire evaluation process is transparent and repeatable by independent people.

Check my Mintos account here.


Viventor @ Savings4Freedom

Viventor works for me as a mirror of the Mintos platform. Stable, simple and convenient, Viventor offers me a reliable source of fixed returns over time. My Viventor portfolio returns are dropping since March for the same reasons as Mintos (funds withdraw for cross P2P platform diversification and focus on loans with maturity up to 4 months), but are recovering faster.

Viventor has a less aggressive marketing approach and focuses on sharing new loan originator partner agreements. I hope to find more detailed information about Viventor plans for the future. Maybe contacting the company representative at the P2P Conference in Riga is the way.

Check my Viventor account here.

Other P2P Platforms Updates


FinBee Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Check my FinBee account here.


NeoFinance Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Check my NeoFinance account here.


Monestro Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Check my Monestro account here.


Crowdestate Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Crowdestate just published its second quarter report. Find it here.

Check my Crowdestate account here.


Bulkestate has an investment opportunity available now.

BulkEstate Investment Opportunity @ Savings4Freedom

Check my BulkEstate account here.


Ekassa Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Check my Ekassa account here.


PeerBerry Results @ Savings4Freedom

Check my PeerBerry account here.


DoFinance Jen19 @ Savings4Freedom

DoFinance July 1% Cashback Offer

DoFinance July Cashback Offer @ Savings4Freedom

Check my DoFinance account here.


EstateGuru Bonus @ Savings4Freedom

Gain 0.5% cashback on every investment made on EstateGuru over the initial 3 months through my referral link.

Check my EstateGuru account here.


ViaInvest Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Here you can find ViaInvest statistics for June 2019:

ViaInvest June Report @ Savings4Freedom

Check my ViaInvest account here.


ReInvest24 Update @ Savings4Freedom

This week Reinvest24 shared two relevant updates to the platform: is now available in the German language (the biggest P2P community in Europe) and Instant deposit via Mastercard & Visa (making it easier for investors to avoid money drag).

Check my ReInvest24 account here.


Debitum Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Debitum just shared this month that they already manage 3 million EUR in the loan assets on the platform. A quick growth over the last few months.

Debitum Update @ Savings4Freedom

Check my Debitum account here.


Coinbase Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Check my Coinbase account here.


BullionVault Gold Returns @ Savings4Freedom

Check my BullionVault account here.

Now you understand the reason why I need to focus my P2P investments on fewer platforms!

Next Steps

I will continue to concentrate my P2P lending efforts into my top P2P lending platforms choices but continue to test new P2P Crowdlending platforms in order to assure that I’m maximizing my potential returns! The next one I will assess is Monethera. I will add my opinion in the near future.

This is all about June!

Thank you so much to all that are sharing opinions, comments and suggestions with me over the email ([email protected]). I’m always looking for ways to improve the blog and my investment strategy.

If you enjoyed this post, please hit the like button below and/or share it with your friends. Thanks for the support!


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