Crowdestor: New SME Automation & Updates

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Crowdestor presented its new updates to investors in the road towards becoming a Top 3 European Crowdfunding platform. Check the improvements for investors.

Yesterday Crowdestor investors joined a webinar for the presentation of the platform updates and promised improvements. By bringing automation to the table, Crowdestor is gaining a competitive hedge that will be difficult for other P2P platforms to catch-up. A promising future ahead.

Crowdestor: The Road to the Future

Janis Timma is among the most engaged and ambitious P2P platform CEOs in the industry, aiming to building the leading business crowdfunding platform in Europe. This webinar presented how the this P2P platform will gain market share in the future.

Webinar Structure and Timeline

Update 14/8/2020: at the request of Crowdestor and due to the presence of personal information from customers of the platform in the video, I removed it from the blog. I expect during next week to provide an edited version that respects the data protection rules.


3:15 – Introduction by Janis Timma, CEO

4:20 – Artur Geisari, Head of SME keynotes

To become a Top 3 crowdfunding platforms Crowdestor needs:

  • Automation, people and new markets.

What have been done so far:

  • €1M in funding from investors
  • 13 new employees (finance, legal and information technology): 22 in total
  • Automation available for companies in Latvia and Estonia

7:33 – Scoring Model
Automatic Risk Assessment Tool
Key aspects to retain:

  • Probability of default or PD
  • Loss given default or LGD
  • Expected Loss

12:33 – Improvements for Investors

16:00 – Borrower Credit Report

19:08 – Product Demo

37:00 – Demo of Borrower Credit report

49:50 – Platform updates timeline

  • Investors cabinet will be available soon (less than one week);
  • Borrowers application process will continue to be automated;
  • Secondary market will be available from 3 to 6 months;
  • Auto investment feature will be available as well;
  • Automate debt collection;
  • Electronic signature of contracts;
  • EU Crowdlending Platform regulation compliance;
  • Market expansion: Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia and Slovakia;
  • Ambassador program: investors can gain commissions.

What do you think of Crowdestor improvements?

Crowdestor is driving fast among turtles in the P2P industry. Where others see problems, Crowdestor sees opportunities. What is your personal opinion on the future of the platform? Will you decide to invest or avoid it? Why? It will be very interesting to learn your opinion on this topic.

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What to learn more about Crowdestor?

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